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Most strands 15-16 inches
Amethyst, Round 4mm 7.90  
Amethyst, Round 6mm 13.50
Amethyst, Round 8mm 22.00
Black Onyx Agate, Round 8mm 7.00
Citrine, Round 3-4mm 6.25
Citrine, Rectangle 4-5mm 5.50
Copper Color Goldstone 8mm 6.00
Crystal Quartz, Round 4mm 6.25
Crystal Quartz, Round 8mm 10.00
Flourite, Round 4mm 5.00
Flourite, Round 6mm 6.50
Flourite, Round 8mm 8.00
Garnet, Round 3mm 3.60
Garnet, Round 4mm 3.70
Green Aventurine, Round 4mm 3.95
Green Aventurine, Round 8mm 6.00
Green Aventurine, Heart 6mm 8.25
Green Aventurine, Star 6mm 8.25
Jasper, Flower, Round 4mm 4.75
Jasper, Red, Round 8mm 6.00
Jasper, Leopard, Round 8mm 6.00
Jasper, Multi-Agate, Fancy 8mm 8.00
Jasper, Picture, Round 8mm 6.00
Leopard Skin, Agate, Round 4mm 3.70
Peach Aventurine, Round 4mm 4.65
Peach Red Aventurine, Round 8mm 7.00
Rhodonite, Round 4mm 5.25
Rhodonite, Round 6mm 7.05
Rhodonite, Round 8mm 10.00
Rose Quartz, Round 3mm 4.10
Rose Quartz, Round 4mm 4.20
Rose Quartz, Round 6mm 4.40
Rose Quartz, Round 5mm 5.00
Rose Quartz, Round 8mm 5.00
Smoky Quartz, Round 4mm 7.90
Smoky Quartz, Round 6mm 10.35
Smoky Quartz, Round 8mm 11.00
Snowflake Obsidian, Round, 8mm 6.00
Tigereye, Round 8mm 10.00
White,Turquoise Howlite 8mm 5.00
Yellow Jade, Round 4mm 4.05
Yellow Jade, Round 6mm 5.00
Yellow Jade, Round 8mm 6.00

New merchandise comes in frequently, please check back often.

CLICK HERE to see photo of some 8mm semiprecious stone beads

Quantity Discount
20% savings on all semiprecious stone beads when purchasing 40 or more strands (excluding chips & findings).



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