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Language of Stones

AGATE - The name agate is derived from the Sicilian river, Achates, where agates were probably found in antiquity. Wear multicolored agates for additional strength to carry out your goals.

AMETHYST - Develops inner powers and inner senses. Healing stone — alleviates mental stress, enhances the meditative state, creates pure thoughts, spiritual insight, relaxation, and higher values.

AVENTURINE - Increases visionary powers, intuition, and perception. A stone of opportunity and good luck. Creates a stabilizing effect.

BLUE LACE AGATE - Calms the mind, allows higher states of consciousness, and balances psychic centers. Aids in depression, despair, stubbornness, and emotions.

CARNELIAN - Good for people who are absent minded or confused. Stimulates energy, physical power, and courage.

CITRINE - Expands mental clarity. Increases physical and material power. Elimination of toxins from the body.

GARNET - Draws out negativity and increases well being. Brings circulation to normal, purifies, and balances thyroid disorders.

HEMATITE - Works as a shield of armor for any person or thing. Dissolves negative energy. Decreases inflammation.

JASPER - Stabilizes emotions, reduces fears and insecurities. Enables you to work with heavy negativity.

LAPIS - Strengthens intelligence and wisdom. Mental clarity and emotional healing. Illumination of the mind, mental endurance, purifying and healing properties, insight, good judgment and psychic abilities.

MOONSTONE - Opens up psychic potential. Assists in physical, emotional, and hormonal balance. Calms and balances emotional situations.

NEW JADE - (Serpentine) - Traveler's protection stone. Good relocation stone when you are moving. Protector for personal belongings in your home.

OBSIDIAN - Emotional security and peace. Provides protection for the supersensitive. Will help prevent emotional draining from others.

ONYX - Protection from negativity. Receives and holds vibrations both good and bad.

PEARL - Stimulates femininity and helps with self-acceptance.

PERIDOT - Clear seeing, problem solving, healer of the spirit and physical body. Protection from nervousness in front of others (stage fright); fearlessness and strong will. Cleanses bruised egos, and hurt feelings.

QUARTZ, CRYSTAL - A receiver, amplifier, conductor and generator of energy. Used for meditation, transformation, stability, knowledge, protection, healing, and enlightenment. General good health and balance.

QUARTZ, ROSE - The ability to give and receive love. All matters dealing with love, affection, compassion, and kindness. Relaxation, inner peace and tranquility.

QUARTZ, SMOKY - Endurance, fatigue, and depression. Enables you to follow through with your highest hopes and aspirations. Abstract thoughts and messages put to practical use.

RHODONITE - Restores physical energy, raises self-worth, gives an aura of elegance, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

TIGEREYE - Decision making, creativity, and inner strength.

TURQUOISE - Mental relaxation, stress reduction, confidence, atonement, and physical balance. Attracts abundance and prosperity. Lungs and respiratory system.



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