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AGATE, WOODLACE - Like riverstone but with subtle banding. Creamy taupe.
AMETHYST, CAPE - Delicate lavender quartz.
AMETHYST (BRAZILLIAN) - Light to medium amethyst.
AMAZONITE - Opaque light sea blue-green.
AVENTURINE, GREEN - Mint green quartz with accents of sparkling mica.
AVENTURINE, RUBY PINK - Burnished with subtle accents.
BLACK ONYX - High polish classic black.
BLACKSTONE - Opaque black with a soft polish.
BLOODSTONE - Deep green agate with small flecks of red.
BLUE AGATE - Semi-translucent deep sky blue.
BLUE LACE AGATE - Translucent powder blue with bands of cloud white.
BLUE TOPAZ (DYED) - Transparent summer sky blue.
BREDICATED JASPER - Burnished red speckled with clear, black, mustard & dark brown.
CARNELIAN - Translucent autumn orange. Beautiful material.
CHRYSOCOLLA - Spectacular mix of malachite green and turquoise with some brown.
CITRINE - Transparent sunshine yellow.
FANCY JASPER - Mixed shades of pink, taupe, moss green and mustard yellow.
FLOWER JASPER - Cream base with gray, mauve, raspberry and mustard.
FLUORITE - Dusty clear and purple, with occasional accents of green.
GARNET - Deep Red. Also known as Poor Man's Ruby.
GOLDEN OBSIDIAN - Black splashed with mahogany.
HEMATITE - Perfectly polished gunmetal gray.
HOWLITE - White stone gently marbled with grey.
JADE (AFRICAN) - Mixed bright and dark grass green, Slightly translucent.
LAPIS NEVADA - Pale mint speckled with rose pink.
LAPIS LAZULI - Royal to navy blue with sprinkles of gold pyrite.
LEOPARD SKIN AGATE - Tawny reddish brown with earth-tone leopard spots.
MALACHITE - Banded medium and dark green.
MOONSTONE - Moon white, silver gray, and dusty peach.
- Clear base sprinkled heavily with tendrils of green moss.
NEW JADE - (Serpentine) - Ranges from light to dark celery green.
ONYX, YELLOW - Light to medium canary yellow.
PEACH AVENTURINE - Burnished peach with subtle accents.
PERIDOT - Bright transparent olivine.
PICASSO JASPER - Charcoal grey veined with golden taupe and light grey.
PICTURE JASPER - Light sandy brown banded with chocolate and burnt sienna.
QUARTZ, CRYSTAL - Clear "AA" quality material.
QUARTZ, ROSE - Delicate ballet pink quartz.
QUARTZ, SMOKY - Clear coffee brown.
RED JASPER - Opaque brick red.
RHODONITE - Soft raspberry banded with classic black.
SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN - Polished black base with white snowflakes.
SODALITE - Navy blue with white inclusions.
TIGEREYE - Gold-yellow, gold-brown, yellow-brown streaks.
TOURMALINE - Mixed strands of misty ballet pink, soft olivine, Caribbean blue & black.
TURQUOISE, AFRICAN - Soft gray-green speckled with black.
TURQUOISE HOWLITE - Howlite dyed to look like American turquoise.
- Khaki green with salmon inclusions.



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